company profile

ZIAJA Ltd. is a Polish producer of pharmaceuticals and high-quality natural cosmetics for face, body and hair care. It is a family-owned company, established in 1989 in Gdansk by pharmacists Alexandra and Zenon Ziaja.


The management of the company consists of pharmacists and chemists, some of whom are researchers. ZIAJA has its own research, microbiological, physical-chemical and production laboratories as well as a quality control department. The laboratory facilities and quality control system described in the quality standards book allow Ziaja to prepare products of the highest standard.

Ziaja is a leading producer on the Polish market with sales of more than 2 million units per month and turnover of 25 million EUR.

The motto of our company is concern for health and fine fettle of our Clients, therefore we offer beauty care products, which bind the scientifically verified natural ingredients and modern technologies.